First, I must say that I forgot that I wrote a blog post about my surgery, so I spent about 10 minutes writing a couple paragraphs before I realized that the story sounded familiar. I checked my blog and sure enough I already wrote about it, so I deleted all that and started over again.

So, let’s see. On Aug 1, I went to my surgeon for my follow up visit. One of my drains had a really low output so that one got pulled. The one from my armpit was not close enough to be able to be pulled though, so it had to stay. My surgical site looked great though, so I was really happy about that.

I also saw my medical oncologist on that day and she is the one who told me about the pathology results from my breast and the lymph nodes. The great news was that there were clean margins on my breast. The not so great news was that there was still a pretty good size tumor that was not killed by the chemo. Also, they removed 13 lymph nodes and 7 of them still had cancer in them. Needless to say, I was really disappointed, however, the good news is that they were removed. To ease both my mind and my oncologist’s mind, she ordered a CT scan to make sure that there wasn’t anything else growing. I don’t know if anyone remembers from a much earlier post, that I also had these internal mammary glands that had cancer in them too. They are located behind my breast bone and were not going to be able to be surgically removed. I got the results late last week and NOTHING shows up on it anymore! I guess the chemo was able to kill the cancer in those internal mammary glands.

So… that was a huge relief. I still have to have radiation – I have my appointment with the radiation oncologist Aug 21 – but it is basically just a mop to kill any microscopic cancer in the area of where my breast used to be and where my lymph nodes were removed.

This past Monday, I went back to see the surgeon and was able to have my second drain removed. I was finally allowed to move my arm above my shoulder! I got my exercise list and started that night. Let me tell you, it hurts! I am getting so much better every day though and my sister taught me some yoga moves that help to loosen me up a bit too. I can’t wait to go to the Dr on Aug 21 to get moving on with the next step.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers and well wishes. Love you guys!



3 thoughts on “Recuperating”

  1. A friend of mine had a mastectomy years ago and found swimming to be the best exercise for her. Might be an option for you later. She swam laps for years and may still go to the pool.
    It sounds like you are definitely making progress and I pray for you each morning.

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