A new journey…

When I first started this blog the plan was to use it to chronicle my vacations. I blogged my way through Ireland, Spain and Morocco. It’s been a few years since I blogged (I skipped blogging my honeymoon road trip a couple years ago) and the time has come to reinstate this blog.

My journey this time is not a geographic one but a physical and emotional one. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal adenocarcinoma about a week ago and in two days I go to my first appointments with a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist and radiation oncologist. I am sure I will need to have additional tests in order to determine my staging and treatment plan. Right now, I’m coping pretty well and I am hopeful that we caught it early.

I will be using this blog to record my experiences and to share with my family and friends.



5 thoughts on “A new journey…”

  1. We are strong women – you will get through this – and will be supported along the way. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Don’t be afraid to scream and even throw things – just not at people. Know that you are loved and people are praying all over the country and the world. As hard as it is, you need to rely on God – he will give you strength when you need it most…love you – Valerie and John

  2. You are so courageous! I’m proud of you for sharing your story. May God work a miracle in your body! Love, hugs and prayers, Brandi

  3. Gather all your questions to ask. It was tough for us because all we kept thinking about was how, and why did this happen. We had the best Oncologist Dr.Ann Leahy and the first thing she did at our appointment was give me a hug. That change the whole dynamics of my perception of the fight I had in me. I had a new fond boost of courage and fight.. you will get that and when you do, remember it at every appointment, treatment, sickness, and all the feelings you may feel. I love you Brandi and you will fight this and win…

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