San Sebastian-Donastia… Rain, clouds, rain…

San Sebastian is a beautiful town, despite the poor weather. I went out exploring this morning (after sleeping for 13 hours last night!!) and had some great pintxos (tapas in basque) along with café con leche. Stopped and bought some bread as well as a croissant. Played with a dog in the bar where I got my nibbles. If it had not been raining, it would have been a great morning, as it was … the morning was pretty good. I came back to my room after a couple hours walking to warm up and put away the stuff I bought. Most of it necessities… Scarf to wear under my new jacket, lightweight hoodie to wear when I get back to my warm la herradura and go to the beach daily, bread, beret I bought for my dad from an authentic San Sebastian hat shop. This is the beret the locals wear!!
I had purchased a beret from a basque shop last night for him, but this one is so much better I decided to keep last night’s purchase for myself… How do I look?


After chillin’ (warmly) at my room for a bit I went out again. According to the weather from my balcony it was cool and cloudy but NOT raining. According to the weather out the front door of my pensión – it was raining:(

But I kept on moving, like a good little soldier, and walked to a mountain (of sorts) and saw some of the sights of San Sebastian.


I trudged up Mt Urgell to see the Castillo…


Stopped along the way at two shelters. The first was inhabited by a homeless man drinking from a 40 oz (or whatever the metric equivalent is) who smelled. He kept looking at my pants pocket bulging out slightly with coins… Then he started rummaging in his knapsack and pulled out a poncho. I don’t know if he was trying to sell or give it to me but I thanked him and moved on.
I walked a bit more in the rain, heading up to that castle, and found another shelter. This one was inhabited with French tourists eating lunch and felt much safer…


You can’t see it well but it was tucked under those trees.

I worked my way back down the mountain. Stopping to see the basque flag flapping in the wind.


I got back down into the town and ambled about a bit. Stopping eventually, despite being a bit cool, and got a scoop of gelato… The flavor… FERRERO ROCHER!!! Ok, it was incredible. Imagine rich chocolate ice cream/gelato with crushed up ROCHER candies and swirls of nutella throughout… DELICIOUS.

The sun actually came out as I strolled along the port and savored my cone. The rain started again, but the good mood had already set in. I walked past numerous souvenir shops and restaurants. Finally found my way to this sculpture that is near the ocean and took several photos of it from different angles…





Then I kept taking photos of the waves crashing on the rocks. This is not the tranquil Mediterranean folks, this is the harsh, cold and rough Atlantic Ocean…



And that, my friends, pretty much wraps up San Sebastian. Here is a shot of the side streets with people milling about.


Back to the warmth and sun of la herradura tomorrow. Hope I make it to the train station without getting drenched!!


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