Barcelona via Gaudi – the extended version

Well, I have finally got to a location where not only my iPhone connects to wifi but also my iPad… This is important because all my photos are in the trusty old iPad!
So a couple days ago I went off exploring Barcelona using my Rick Steve’s guidebook to provide a general route for the day.
I started off stopping for breakfast at a place not too far from my hotel…


It was delicious – I have fallen in love with the breakfast sandwich which consists of a small baguette sliced with olive oil, some tomato spread on it and slices of potato omelet between the two layers. Oh my goodness it is delicious! Combine it with fresh orange juice and café con leche and I am in heaven:)
Oh, and by the way, I have not been to a Mc Donalds over here… Not even once, but I saw this and had to take a picture. I’m not sure that they serve you outside like they other restaurants do, but it is pretty…


So on to my walk. It turns out that the ‘block of discord’ was the block where I had my breakfast so that is where the attraction to Gaudi began.
This house, Casa Batlló, was the first I saw… I love the colors, the curves, the roof… Everything.


Now the reason it is called the block of discord is because it consists of multiple bold design styles in one block, however all styles keep the structural limitations imposed by the city… An example is that all corners are cut off so the streets are brighter… The intersections wider… An example is a building on the block of discord Lluís Domènech i Muntaner…


After leaving this block I walked on a bit and came upon Casa Milà. It is breathtaking but not as colorful as the other Gaudi building. I don’t know which I like better…


You can decide for yourself which, if any, you like!

At this point I should have headed east down Provença to the Sagrada Família but I got hooked on walking and wanted to get to Parc Güell – the park designedandcreated by Gaudi.
I don’t know how I walked so far out of the way… Actuallyitwas probably because I never got around to purchasing a proper map and I was only using my guidebook and street signs thatpointyou in a general direction… But I ended walking at least one mile out of the way… If not more.
I finally ended up Parc Güell – it wasn’t a disappointment! I don’t want to explain… I’ll just show you the pics…


So that was Parc Güell then I left there and wandered around until I found my way to Sagrada Família… Though I had to wait in line it moved quickly. The thing is with this place, it is so huge it’s hard to be far enough away to capture the whole image. I don’t have much to say other than it is beautiful, it is not even close to being done and it has been under construction since 1883.






1 thought on “Barcelona via Gaudi – the extended version”

  1. Brandi, Glad you are having a nice time. Brings back memories of when I was there. I had the same problem with WiFi and my feet hurt from walking so much, Enjoy! Linda

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