I made it to Barcelona after a very early morning for me… I got up at 6am!! I know if doesn’t sound early to most people but I have been sleeping until 9-10am every day and then lolly gagging around for a bit.
The reason I got up so early was because I had to catch the 7:10 bus to Malaga so I could make it in time for my flight at 13:15! Seems a bit early for a 1.5 hr bus ride. Well, the next bus didn’t leave until around 10 and then I would have been rushing to get to the airport in time. As it was I took my time, had coffee, croissant and Greek yoghurt in the airport with plenty of time to spare.
* on a side note I must say that the ‘fast food’ in bus depots and airports is head an shoulders above that in the US. I don’t know why – it’s better tasting and not as expensive *

So after waiting hours I got on my short flight to Barcelona. Ryanair is ok – I can see why they are inexpensive but it was clean, the staff nice and I got here safely so that’s all that matters!
After a short ride on the aerobus I walked to my hotel. Got myself sorted, kind of, and headed out to walk and get some food. Ended up at hard rock cafe (for only about the 4th time in my life) and ate quick because I got chilly.
Now I’m back at my hotel room… Stopped in to get my sweater but feeling pretty beat and may just pass out. I can get up early tomorrow, with less traffic on my walks, and see what I want to see.
Oh, no pics right now because having trouble connecting the iPad to wifi but iPhone connects fine… I can’t explain it. Come Friday you should have a deluge of photos!!


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