Day 8 – rocks and flowers of la herradura

Today I got up and decided to go exploring for this castle that exists in la herradura. The sign from the road did not say how long the walk was to get there…

In my mind I envisioned that it would be a long winding toad road that would take me up the steep staircase around the corner of the little lagoon of la herradura

and up to what I thought could be an old castle or at least church.

… Alas it was merely about 1/4 mile walk down the street to the

It’s a park… Kind of disappointing:( I couldn’t even go into the castle because I is closed on Monday’s. Needless to say I’ll have to come back and check it out when it is open.


So the rest of my morning consisted with me trying to get up the hill. It was not easy since I was not wearing sneakers or hiking shoes but rather my dansko Mary Janes (actually did quite well on uneven terrain) and my ‘not-so-flowy’ skirt that I kept having to cinch up to my upper thighs so I could climb. I did not make it to the too… Not even close but I climbed as far as the trail went, scratched my legs up a bit and took lots of beautiful photos of rocks, water and flowers. So, no more commentary just pictures. Enjoy!








I’m off to Barcelona early tomorrow and then the basque country before returning to la herradura. Looking forward to the adventure! Should be some beautiful sights!!



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