Day 6 – my visit to the farmacia

So I have been battling allergies that we’re threatening to turn into a sinus infection for a few days now. Despite my best efforts at flushing them out with salt water from the Mediterranean I was progressing downward…
So today I visited the farmacia and lo and behold the pharmacist and I communicated well enough for me to get the following medications!

Those of you in they pharmacy biz know that oxymetazoline is OTC in the US so no big deal… However, azithromycin is not! Whatever you may think about socialized medicine, just know this… there is something gratifying about going to a pharmacy on a Saturday morning, explaining your symptoms to the pharmacist and having the provide you with symptomatic relief (afrin nasal spray) and antibiotics to treat the root cause!! All for the low low price of €10.55 – well worth it. This is certainly less thank my copay to the doctor let alone my copay to the pharmacy for the Zithromax.
On that more, I’m going to show my dad a shop I think he will like and then head back to the apartment. I’m still recuperating and am not up for late nights… Yet;)


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