Day 4 – Guitar building begins…

The adventure, as far as my dad is concerned, has finally begun. It’s not that he hasn’t enjoyed the trip so far but his whole purpose in coming to Spain was go build a classical guitar in the spiritual homeland of the great Segovia. So, after a short meet and greet yesterday with the instructor and his classmates the real work has begun.

Things we have learned thus far…

1. Do not wake up at 5:30 and think you won’t be tired before your day is over. Especially when your work day is 9-6 and you are taking a spanish class from 6-7 every evening too. get up later

2. Do not eat at a buffet or even a multi-course meal for your meal break. Although other people like to have a large, late lunch… you do not. come back to apartment for sandwich and a cat nap

Ok, now back to Brandi. I am a bit under the weather however I think I will dip more than just my feet into the cool Mediterranean water. I did not bring a neti pot with me but kind of need something like that so I will start bathing daily in the salty Mediterranean sea as a way to flush those sinuses out. If that doesn’t start to help soon I will visit a farmacia and request pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine or whatever decongestant they carry in Spain.

Let me show you what waited for me this morning, I say morning but it was almost noon before I finally got up, dressed and out of the apartment. At the end of my street I walk out to this sight…


Needless to say I popped myself under a palm tree and read my book for a bit. I had not purchased sunscreen yet so I limited myself to mainly shade and only about 30 minutes a side however, I got a little bit of a sunburn. It was bound to happen.

The situation has basically been rectified because in my grocery shopping tonight i purchased sunblock spray. This way my dad and I can both use it and reach areas we can’t on our own.

So, I also purchased some basic stuff at the store as well. Toilet paper, paper towels and the most important item… Tissues! But what my mom would like the most is the following…


Do you believe those chocolate wafers were only €0.39?!? And the three pack of those Maria duras a cookies were only €0.69?!? I mean even converting to dollars they are like 50 cents and just under $1. How can you beat that? Now, I do not plan on eating tons of them but my dad needs some snack food when he comes back from a hard day of guitar building.

Now listen, I am going to take a couple days off from the blog because, honestly I haven’t really been doing anything too interesting. Haven’t taken many pictures and have slept quite a lot. Things will liven up when Tuesday comes around… I anticipate making my way to Barcelona and seeing an awful lot of of cool things. There should be tons of pictures coming your way too. Plus, right now I don’t have wifi in the apartment so I have to walk to a restaurant and try to use their wifi (didn’t want to connect this am when I tried atone place) or go to the guitar studio. Either way it is nowhere as convenient as laying on my bed and typing away on this blog, or other Internet stuff for that matter. All the hotels I am looking at in Barcelona have free wifi so the blog will become more regular for a bit.

Ok, off to bed I go. I’ll post it in the morning when I find wifi. See you all in about 30 more days!!


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