Day 3 – Granada to La Herradura


they grow ’em big in Granada… As my dad said

This was a yucca (I suppose) that we saw on our walk through the moorish quarter of Granada the other night. I had to include because it was pretty impressive.

In other news, we got up early Wednesday and hopped a bus to La Herradura where my dad’s guitar class is located. I was exhausted again, but kept it together until I could rest, because I slept all of one hour the night before. When oh when will my sleep get back to normal?

I will be honest and concede that I didn’t see much of la herradura yesterday because I slept. In fact I did not wake until around 10:30 today so I didn’t even see my father until we went to lunch around 2pm.
I have a few things on my shopping list but the most important is tissues because I feel myself coming down with good old fashioned nasal congestion, of the type that can turn into a sinus infection if I’m not careful.

Here us a panoramic shot from our apartment balcony to make you all jealous…


Until tomorrow.. Maybe I will have more to say by then.


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