Day 2 – Alhambra, Albayzín… and sangria

Well you asked for more pictures so here they are…

This morning we woke up and headed to a little sidewalk café for breakfast. My dad kept it simple with cafe con leche and toast with butter and jam. I prefer to eat more so along with my cafe con leche (with the entire sugar packet) I had an order of churros and a croissant with Serrano ham and cheese. It was delicious and lasted me until my evening meal at a sidewalk café about three doors down from breakfast.

After breakfast we walked back up the hill where our pensión was located and continued up the less steep but longer distance pedestrian walkway to the entrance of the Alhambra.


I pre-purchased my tickets online but forgot to stop at a self-service kiosk after breakfast to print out my tickets so I had to use the ticket I counter. Because I am a procrastinator and waited until last Friday to purchase our tickets we were unable to get tickets to see the Palacios Nazaries. I’m sure that the sights in the palace are spectacular however I am not heartbroken that I didn’t see it. We still had a great morning walking around the old fort of Alcazaba within the walls of Alhambra and looking at the gardens.


Notice how thick the walls were?


Even though I do not have a green thumb I cannot help but take photos (especially close-ups) of beautiful flowers and gardens.




We continued walking around Charles V’s palace which contained the Alhambra museum (did not feel like walking through it, sorry:( ) and made our way to the Alcazaba. This was spectacular. I tried to imagine I was a soldier and doing my sentry duty… It would have been grueling and walking up and down the steps was quite dangerous, especially before some were modified to make a little safer for tourists!




You can’t really see how steep the paths were within the fort but trust me I wouldn’t want to have to push those cannons up the hills.


We left the Alhambra complex after a few hours and headed back down the steeper pedestrian pathway towards the center of town… stopping by a waterfall on the way:)


We stopped at some guitar shops along the way and I purchased a nice leather wallet that I will start using once I get back to the US. The leather is so soft and I love the pretty reddish tone.
After stopping for an ice cream cone for my dad and a coca-cola classic (in can) for me we walked for a couple miles around the Christian and Moorish areas of Granada. Some sights were prettier than others.



Eventually we found the cathedral. We walked back to Plaza Nuevas and then proceeded to walk

up and up and up

as Rick Steves said into the Albayzín (the old Moorish quarter) of Granada and finally up to the San Nicolás viewpoint. It did provide the best view of the Alhambra. I took a panoramic shot that included the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Alhambra.


We took our time walking back down the hill and stopped to purchase a really beautiful necklace from this lovely Moroccan man who gave me a tea glass.


We then stopped for dinner and dad got his glass of sangria. I tried it and it was delicious.


There are way more photos than I can put on this blog but rest assured I will upload to snapfish and send the link to anyone who wants it. One final shot before I close out the night. Dad is ringing the bell in the old Alcazaba fort.



I hope we make it back to Granada before we leave in June because dad talked with the gentleman I purchased the necklace from and he offered to take dad up to the caves for authentic flamenco entertainment. Too late for tonight since we have an extremely early morning tomorrow as we move on to La Herradura.


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