Coming up… Montreal

It has been quite a while since my last traveling post but I am taking another trip soon, FINALLY!

This trip involves the riding the rails as I will be taking the Adirondack line from New York City to Montreal, Quebec.  I have been interested in hopping onto this train since I first read of it last year in one RCI vacationing magazines hanging around my parents’ house.  Alas, time did not permit an excursion to that great country to the north until just now.  Or to be exact, in two weeks time.

Since the B&B where my traveling partner and I are staying is equipped with wi-fi I’ll be able to keep you updated on the sights and sounds of our French Canadian getaway.

Items I’m looking forward to include: walking through the more than 20 miles of underground streets complete with shops, visiting the Irish Immigrant exhibit at the museum in downtown Montreal and seeing what my ancestor’s experience was like, and eating the food (in appropriate portion sizes!) that I’ve heard is absolutely delicious.

Tune in to see what happens!


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