Away down south in Dixie…

Greetings all!  I am updating this from the Howard Johnson Inn in Roanoke, VA.  We spent last night (our second night in a motel instead of a campsite) here and thank God we did because just as we arrived, the thunder and lightening started and after we were in the room, a torrential downpour arrived.  I know my tent is supposedly waterproof, but that assumes you get it set up and in it before the rain starts!

So, in the two short days since we have been gone we have seen quite a few things.  We started off Tuesday morning and headed down I-95 into Maryland.  We took the 695 inner loop and hopped on 70W to Frederick, MD.  The destination… the Barbara Fritchie House and Museum.  It is a small cute house on a small cute street in Frederick, MD.  Barbara Fritchie was made famous by a poem written about an heroic act which was attributed to her.  Supposedly, during the Civil War, the rebel soldiers were marching through Frederick and Stonewall Jackson had ordered all the Union flags to be destroyed.  They shot down the one hanging on a pole outside her house.  When that happened, she stuck her head out the window and held up the flag, and said,” shoot, if you must, this old gray head, but spare your country’s flag,” and then Stonewall Jackson told his men “who touches a hair of yon gray head dies like a dog! march on!”  At least that’s what the poem said, the family said they never heard anything about that.

Barbara Fritchie HouseCute house right?  Well, I can’t show you any inside shots because it was closed!  Apparently it is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Maybe we’ll stop on the way home… but will I have to read the whole poem all over again?

Next on our trip, we headed back out 70West and made our way towards Harper’s Ferry, WV.  We had intended on only staying for lunch, but since we had to pay to get into the National Park (we hadn’t realized we were at the national park just yet) we decided to get our money’s worth.  We took the shuttle down to the “Old Town” and saw building that had been there for a couple of hundred years.  I bought a couple books in the gift shop and we walked through the buildings open to the public.  There was a general store, a boarding house and the marshal’s room on display.  We walked up a side street to a thriving present-day Harper’s Ferry where there was a B&B, restaurants, shops and used book shop.  I didn’t go in that one, too much temptation, and no one else would really want to go with me.  We walked up a pretty steep hill and then took the stairs down to the road which ran parallel to it.  Then we got a bite to eat.  After eating, we walked out to the overlook and saw a marker for the Appalachian Trail.  We walked about 500 feet on the trail, alongside a railroad track and then turned around and headed back to the old town.

trail signI think it would be really cool to walk the entire appalachain trail, I’ve started reading about it, but would I be able to do it?  Only about 25% of individuals who start walking the trail actually finish it; it’s about 2100 miles from start to finish.  Plus, would I be able to take off 6-7 months from work.  I’d love to be able to, but doubt it.  Oh well, another thing to think about.

Finally we stopped for the night at New Market, VA.  Wednesday morning we arose, went to Mc Donald’s for breakfast and free WiFi.  What a let down, they don’t have free WiFi.  You had to pay.  So I didn’t, hence no blogging yesterday.

After breakfast we went to the New Market Battlefield Park.  There was an historical civil war battle in this town, and the field  where the battle took place as well as a prominent house from that time has been preserved.  I wonder if there would be a memorial to this battle if it had not been won by t south.  It was sad, though, because the cadets from the Virginia Military Institute were called to assist in the fight and even though they weren’t supposed to fight, they were orderd to do so eventually.  Ten of the young men died in battle or from wounds of battle, these boys were between 15-19 years old.

newmarketAfter leaving New Market, we headed to the Natural Bridge in Virginia.  It is about 30 minutes north of Roanoke.  It was beautiful.  They had caverns, the natural bridge,  a wax museum, toy museum, indian reproduction, waterfall and FOAMHENGE!

cavernfoamhengenatural bridgelace fallsSo there were a lot fo pics, without description, I”ll update that later.  The troops are itching to take off for the day, I just got asked if I was “ready to leave yet?”  I guess so.

Today we’re going into North Carolina.  See you later.


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