At last… something new!

I have been having complaints that I never update my blog, but I’m constantly taking photos, so I have decided to rectify the situation.  Here it is… a recap of events from the time I left Ireland back in April.  Wow, it has been a long time!

Well, I can’t really remember much about the end of April, I guess not much took place and I was still recovering from being away.  I suppose I caught up with family, my pup and my house.  Admittedly, I did way less with my house than I should have done, but that’s a subject for a whole other blog.

So May arrived and looking back the only thing of importance I can think of is my sister’s birthday and Mother’s Day.  Luckily they happened to be within 1 day of each other so here’s pics of the girls in the family on that weekend.  I don’t think we did anything special but I might have made breakfast.  That’s always a possibility.



So May has come and gone and now we are in June.  It was the month of my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day, but I didn’t really take pics of anything pertaining.  I did grill steaks at my house, on my new grill, for Father’s Day last Sunday.  My grandpop really enjoyed the steak.  I am looking forward to grilling more.

This is a bit of a boring post, I think the next one will be better.  It will be about my gardening venture.  At least there are better pictures available.



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