The Rock… of Cashel

After visiting the Cliffs of Moher I wound my way to a highway (an “N” road) and proceeded on to the town of Cashel where the Rock of Cashel was located.  It didn’t take terribly long to get there and I found a large parking lot directly across from the rock so no need to try my hand at parallel parking… yet.

I bought my Heritage card (it can be used at probably a hundred facilities in the country and is cheaper than paying each admission separately) and want in to tour the place.  It is amazing that in this country there are building still standing after having been there since the middle ages, and we have buildings that are less than fifty years old and are in a state of condemned. 

After walking through a room that had replicas of artifacts unearthed at the Rock of Cashel I went and watched the video.  It provided a lot of information about the history of the buildings and the stages of when they were built.

The Rock of Cashel

It was amazing to find out that you can still be buried at this cemetary.  I was shocked.  In fact, one of the tombstones looked recent and when I read the inscription it was for a man who died in 1997!!  Can you believe it?

Crosses at Cashel

After I finished touring “the rock” my camera battery totally died.  No life!  So I decided to pack it in for the day and find my B&B.  I didn’t know where it was and my map didn’t have the small street it was located on so I asked a tour bus driver.  He didn’t know but used his mobile phone and tried calling the house… no answer, then the mobile phone… no answer.  Finally he suggested a place I could drive to and ask directions.  I tried to get there but couldn’t find it but then I found a sign for the small town outside Cashel that the B&B was in and followed it.  After driving about five minutes I saw a sign for my B&B and suddenly I was there.  Yeah!

No one was there to let me in, so I sat down with a book (the second Cecelia Ahern book I bought in Ireland) and read… with a little Jack Russell terrier on my lap.  After a bit the owner came back and I got checked in.  No big deal. 

I tried to charge my battery after I got to my room and the charger wasn’t working.  I don’t’ know why, because it takes the voltage range and I have the plug converter, but like my ipod charger it too doesn’t want to work over here.  So I drove back to Cashel to check out the photo shop to find out it closed 30 minutes before I arrived.  I did park on the street (pseudo parallel park because pulled into a space about the size of 3 cars) and went to an Italian restaurant and got pizza.  I guess it could be called that but it was all I could do to eat it.

After dinner I went back to the B&B to turn in for the night and find somewhere to sleep starting Wednesday.


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