Cliffs of Moher…

Monday morning I woke up and left my B&B in Doolin to head to the Cliffs of Moher.  It was pretty foggy but I persevered and made it up the big hill to the carpark . 

Even with the fog it was a beautiful sight.  I had to buy a postcard though to see it the way I would if it had been even remotely sunny.  I hope you can see how beautiful it is in the photo below.



Foggy Cliffs of Moher

Some people were daring and climbed over the 4 foot stone wall that kept them back from the cliff edge to walk out on the flat stony cliff.  But my mom would kill me if I did that,  besides the signs were compelling enough not to jump the fence.

Important Sign

After staying and walking around the cliffs for about two hours I got back in my car and headed to Cashel, via Limerick.  Limerick was a pretty neat town to drive through, and I easily found my way to Cashel.


1 thought on “Cliffs of Moher…”

  1. yeah, i probably would not be happy if i found out you jumped the fence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that’s one nice thing about not being you,mom

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