Sunday in The Burren

Greetings all!  I finally made my way out of the Galway area and ventured back south via the Burren.  Now that I have reached my final destination, the rain has stopped and the sun is out.  Alas, it would have been great if this was the weather all the day down here.

Poulnabrone Dolmen

I left Galway this afternoon, around 1:30 after attending church with a friend, and started to go in this direction.  Not long after I left, the rain started.  Most days that I was driving all day the rain would be intermittant; rain for five minutes then sunny again and so on.  Not today. 

It rained from the time I left Galway until almost the time I got to the town of Doolin.  Yes Fabian, I’m staying in Doolin.  I had intended to stay in Lisdoonvarna BUT most of the places I could choose from with my vouchers were not open (either too early in the season, the painters were in, etc) or I couldn’t find them.  So I’m in Doolin.

It’s actually pretty here.  It’s not even remotely crowded, though probably because it’s not the tourist season officially here.  The B&B I am staying at doesn’t “officially” accept the vouchers, but she is willing to take it, so that’s great.  I don’t have to keep driving around searching for somewhere to stay. 

Even with the drizzly day, the Burren was beautiful, in it’s own stark way.  I managed to see all the sights I wanted to see on this “scenic drive”, unlike the Connemara one, because there were parking lots created by all the significant sights so there was no need to find a safe spot on the side of the road.

So tonight I think that I’m going to have dinner at the pub down the block from my B&B.  It has traditional Irish music nightly so I’ll see if I end up staying for that.  I know it’s pathetic, but I am still tired inside from being sick (still not altogether well yet) and haven’t been able/desired to stay up late. 

A donkey in Doolin!

I have had to cut the Dingle peninsula out of my itinerary (I can’t remember if I mentioned that already) in order to not feel like I was rushing back to Dublin for Tuesday afternoon/evening.

After breakfast tomorrow morning (Monday) I will be heading to the Cliffs of Moher and then driving down to Cashel.  Hopefully I’ll see the Rock tomorrow afternoon and then Tuesday morning I can check out Kilkenny Castle and head on to Dublin (Howth peninsula to be more specific).  I tentatively have my room booked for tomorrow night (I just emailed her my credit card details to hold the room) and Tuesday is taken care of as well.  So this first week is close to being wrapped up.

I think tomorrow I’ll start planning where to stay in Belfast and the second part of my Dublin stay.  I haven’t booked anywhere, but need to send out emails to start looking for room availability.

Hope all is well with everyone.  It’s about 6:30 here and I’m hungry, so I’m going to walk back to the pub and have a bite to eat.  Good night!


6 thoughts on “Sunday in The Burren”

  1. Hi Bran, glad to hear you’re having a good time. Sounds lovely. Maybe I’ll be able to go back with you to enjoy the sights!! All is well home. Miss you, love mom

    mom – i think you should definately come back with me some time, we’ll see all that i haven’t got to see this time:)

  2. Yoooooo. Schmiddty! So how was the Irish music? Did you try some different beers??@?@?@? Food what was the food like? Did you have beer bread and Guiness all warm?!?!?!?

    hey greggie – haven’t heard much irish music (but lots of people playing accordians and fiddles on the streets and promenades) the guinness was good (i didn’t think it was warm) and i’ve had soda bread every day since I got here. the food is ok… i’m not loving it as much as i had hoped, but i’m trying it:) saw someone in dun laoghaire today that i had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t you!!

  3. Hey Brandi!!
    I love love all the pictures! I’m glad you’re having a good time. Miss you at work this week.

    Hi Nedi – thanks! glad you like the pics, i have to admit i miss everyone too (work and home), you can see all the pics when I get back home (too many to put on blog or flickr without having to pay)

  4. enjoying the views! awesome! glad you’re meeting people on the off season. wasn’t sure if any were traveling around at this time. take time to eat the specialty in the area, without getting sick. liking the car. chillax!

    Adela: there are a few people around… though from what i hear from my b&b hosts not as many as last year… sour economy:(

  5. Rob hooked us up with your blog tonight so we’ve been reading your posts and loving your photos and commentary.
    We have a huge photo of Kylemore Abbey in Pacu, we’ll pretend you’re standing in front of it!

    Hi Pacu Linda and Debbie – glad you like the blog:) i’ve tried to put my best pictures on it (i’m not so good at taking photos like rob is), how’s the coop?

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