My day in Galway…

My original plans of leaving this morning after going to the market with a family friend have changed and I am going to move on tomorrow afternoon.  The Burren will just have to wait for me until then.

At breakfast this morning I met an older couple, from the states, traveling in Ireland.  They are basically doing the reverse of me (stay in dublin for about 4 days then rent a car and tour around).  It turns out they are on their honeymoon; they dated for a year in high school but broke up, married other people, became widow and widower, renewed their relationship and got married last year.  Their honeymoon was postponed a year because the man had back surgery but they came to Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin!  What a way to celebrate their marriage!

Anyway, back to my day… I walked from Salthill to Galway City.  I don’t know how many miles it is but it took about 45 minutes of brisk walking.  By the time I got there my ears hurt so bad because of the cold air that whips around you.  I met Sue (a family friend) at the St. Nicholas Church for the farmer’s market.

St. Nicholas Church

I know tha’ts not a great shot, but I have come to realize that I am not the biggest taker of photos, mainly when I’m out walking around.  I saw so many cool things today at the market, but I didn’t remember to photo them.  Such is life…

Anyway, we walked around the market as well as a lot of the city streets and then made our way to a coffee shop she likes to sit down and have a drink of something hot. 

The streets are very narrow and on Saturdays some of them are strictly for pedestrian traffic only.  After we parted ways I walked around for a couple hours more just looking (I apparently wandered around in circles some of the time because I just randomly made turns and somehow ended up back where I started).

A picture of Galway

I walked to Eyre Square, the Spanish Arch and finally stopped in Galway City Museum.  The museum was free and was definately worth the time it took to go through it.  I learned a lot about Galway from the 1300’s up to present times.  It’s very cool to see all the exhibits with both English and Irish text, some have English first and others the opposite. 

I didn’t end up eating oysters in Galway because I was still full from breakfast and then my chai latte at the coffee shop.  After the museum I headed back to my B&B almost the same way I came.  This time I took a more  cities approach as opposed to the coastal walk.  I ended up the same place, so that’s all that matters.  Here is a picture of the waterfront (about 200m from my B&B); I’ve been there probably twice a day every day since I got here.

Galway Bay

As you see the tide is out still.  There are lots of people walking along the bay and so many dogs.  Nedi you would love it.  Almost everyone lets their dogs off the leash to run down on the beach and play.  It’s great.

Alright, I’m having dinner at Sue’s tonight so I want to get ready.  I picked up some flowers that she admired at the market this afternoon after she left, but they became a bit bedragled on the way back to my place so the stems are soaking in cold water in an attempt to revive them.

Hope all is well with everyone.


2 thoughts on “My day in Galway…”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great, peaceful time so far….Awesome pics!!

    Hey diana – thanks for the comment. glad you like the pictures:) see you in a couple of weeks!

  2. Ok back to the dog thing….All the dogs get to run around….that’s cool it’s like a dog park on the beach….How cold is the water like 30s? This may be a stupid ? but does the saltwater smell te same as NJ or better?

    greg – it was cool to see all the dogs (everywhere not just galway):) the water is pretty cold (i didn’t have a thermometer), i think the water doesn’t smell different from NJ but there are no smelly marshes over here to confuse your senses… you know how you’re getting to ocean city… you can smell the marshes… over here it all smells clean

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