On the road… Connemara! !! with pics !!

I left my B&B this morning and headed out into the western wilderness of Ireland.  The goal was to do the Connemara route from Rick Steve’s guide in reverse.  But first let me tell you about my ride.  It is a new, black Mini Cooper One.  Six speed manual transmission.  It’s a lot of fun to drive.

My new ride!

I drove from Salthill (resort suburb of Galway) on the N59 to Clifdon.  I stopped almost everywhere I was able to pull over so that I could take photos.

Great landscape in Connemara 

This area is just beautiful!  After Clifdon I meandered my way to the Connemara National Park.  I learned a lot about bogs and peat but couldn’t find any of the Connemara ponies:(  What a bummer!  They must have been in the stable, but I could hear them whinny every now and then.

I stopped at a couple craft shops and found things for most of my family as well as myself.  I got the newest Cecelia Ahern novel, “The Gift”, and an apron with a cow on the front.  It’s so cute:)

I tried to see Croagh Patrick but there was a lot of road works and cars behind me and I couldn’t see the entrance until it was too late and there was nowhere to pull over or turn around, I’m not as adept with this car as I am with mine or else I would just do a u-turn in the middle of the road. 

I saw the Aasleagh Falls, they were pretty but not quite as big as I thought they would be. 

Aasleagh Falls

Then I worked my way to Westport.  By the time I got there it was the start of rush hour and there was no chance of me getting a parking spot on the mall and I could barely cross the street.  When I left, I got on the wrong road, but I made my way back to Galway. 

I’ll keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “On the road… Connemara! !! with pics !!”

  1. Hi Brandi, Hope you are having a wonderful time! Take lots of great pics, meet some cute guys, and drink lots of great beer! Be careful with that wrong side driving!!!

    hey mary – long time no reply (from me), just decided to return the favor for you commenting on my blog. let me tell you mary, i have survived the left side of the road driving, even on a busy motorway with road construction and concrete cattleshutes alongside me! hope all is well. see you soon!

  2. Mini Cooper, sweet! I was hoping to get one when I am in Vegas this July. Tell me is your left arm sore with all that shifting?

    you should definately get one in vegas… it’s a lot of fun to drive. ironically my left shoulder did start getting sore around tuesday afternoon (my last day with it before turning in this morning), i got about 45 mpg! not bad, but i think it’s because they like you to be in 6th gear by the time you’re going 50km/hr!! the dash tells you when you should shift (according to the mini cooper it should be @ 2000rpm – a little lower than I generally do at home)

  3. Nice car!!! I couldn’t drive on the left side of the road…car crash waiting to happen for me. Hahaha!!! Enjoy!!

    sure you could if you just put your mind to it… recite after me “LEFT side of the road, LEFT side of the road…” over and over again… you’ll get the hang of it:)

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