Plans change…

I won’t be traveling this weekend to the allegedly cute town of Greer, SC.

To those of you who know me, I had planned to go down south this weekend to finish all the live CE’s that the NJ Board of Pharmacy requires for my license renewal.  I have been a slacker and not done too many over the last two years and now I have to get a lot done.

Since procrastination is my unofficial middle name I didn’t get around to registering for the event until last week and as of Sunday night still had to reserve a room for the weekend.  I bit the bullet Sunday night before going to work and booked my B&B through expedia.  Problems solved, right?  Wrong!!  I came home from work Monday and actually slept for a few hours.  When I checked my email and voicemail I had notices that I was NOT registered for the CE because it was already full!!! That sucks.  I can’t cancel because it’s less than a week from the check-in date and I would lose all the money I paid.  Now I have a room in a town 8-10 hours away for a weekend where I have nothing to do and a whole lot of live CE’s to now do on the web. 

How to solve the problem… I’m sending my parents in my stead.  They are going to go for the weekend at the B&B (maybe they’ll take photos so I can post then when they return), get treated to some massages and some time away from all their responsibilities here.  Also, takes care of birthday and mother’s/father’s day gifts:)

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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